NLU Delhi Basketball League Finals

IMG_4751He threatened to do it all semester long. But he chose the biggest stage to do it. Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj, aka Sattu put in a performance that will be… no, HAS to be remembered by everyone in college. 76 points in 40 minutes of play. That’s almost 2 points a minute folks.

Oh, and in other news, Chin Chin Chu defeated the Dunking Donuts 87 – 78 to win the first edition of the Basketball League.IMG_4775

The final of the inaugural Basketball League proved to be a game worthy of a final. An immensely high scoring affair, it was dominated by Sattu. However, don’t be mistaken, DD gave it their all and even managed to come close a couple of times. But in the end, Shrutanjaya proved to be too much of an obstacle for them to surmount.

In an astonishing offensive performance, he hit 9 threepointers, 20 two pointers and supplemented that with 9 free throws. The rest of the team scored 11 points. For DD, Maanas led the team with 38 points while Siddharth aka Bubba chipped in with 19 and Arshu put up 15 points.IMG_4832

The game was close till the halftime, but 3C pulled away in the third quarter on the back of some fantastic rebounding and an unstoppable offense. They were aided by some bad defending and poor execution on offence by DD. Although the Donuts tried to mount a fightback towards the end of the 4th quarter, a dagger 3 by Sattu and a breakaway basket (also by Sattu) put paid to their hopes.

Manager Chinmay Kanojia was over the moon with the victory. His repeated requests to do an interview with him had to be declined by yours truly due its pointlessness. However, that did not prevent him from proclaiming the superiority of his managerial foresight in buying Sattu. We do give him credit for that, although that acumen is shadowed by the dubious 16 million price tag of Somil whose defensive performances were passable but he rarely put the streak in streaky when offence was the requirement.

(Editor’s Note – Bubba was a lot harsher when writing about me. I am attempting to be fair.)


Also according to league sources, the results of the MVP and Defensive Player of the Season voting will be out in a couple of days.

After the resounding success of the league this semester, there are already plans afoot to make this a bigger and better spectacle next semester.

2 thoughts on “NLU Delhi Basketball League Finals

  1. Come on Somil, don’t be too harsh on yourself. You were absolutely outstanding on defence! Worth the 16 million, any day.

    And some other names from the winning team also need due mention, including Rishika Sahgal (perfect game sense and brilliant defence), Ankur Saxena (the brilliant screen-setter – half our team buckets throughout the league can be accurately owed to him!) and Rishi Raj Singh and Purushottam Mishra (the offensive and defensive rebounding backbone of our team).

    But what a league! We all had such an amazing time. :D


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