The NLU Delhi Food Guide

In light of the recent find-the-bug-in-your-food scheme initiated by the mess contractor of our esteemed University, many of us who don’t relish the taste of exotic oriental fare (read: Idli Cockroach a la Fortune Cookies) have taken to eating at Amul, and in the Cafeteria.

As the same variety of options everyday might get boring, here is a list of places one can order from while on campus.

Apni Rasoi– Looking for a cheap, delicious and fulfilling vegetarian option to satisfy your hunger cravings? Their minimum delivery order amount is ~Rs. 200, and the food is pretty good.

Berco’s Order for yummy Chinese and Thai fare.

Chinese Mirchi- A favourite of many in our college, order for spicy Chinese food. (No prizes for guessing)

Choor Choor Naan Wala– This thela serves stuffed naan laden with buttery goodness, served with shahi paneer, dal, raita and salad, all for Rs. 60 per plate! Order for lunch on 097-11-678608.

Drool Cafe and Bakery– This cafe has a great selection of salads, sandwiches, pizzas and desserts. It’s like a little Khan Market/ HKV in Dwarka. J/k.

Drool Kitchen– This outlet dishes out delicious multi-cuisine food. It’s a bit on the expensive side though. One can also go to the restaurant, located under the Sector-10 metro station and have their thin crust pizza, straight out of the wood fired oven.

Evergreen Sweet Shop– If you have ever wondered why Dwarka doesn’t have Haldiram’s, this can be the answer to your prayers. They have North Indian, South Indian, Continental, Oriental AND chaat.

Gula Bakery & Patisserie– While Slice of Italy’s chocolate cake is the current favourite for birthday parties, Gula Bakery offers great cakes and deserves a mention.

Hi Mirchee- They give 15% discount to NLU-Delhi students. This is not applicable on delivery though. Carry your ID cards along and gorge on North indian, Chinese and Mughali fare!

Jumghut– Another decently priced and nicely flavoured option for North Indian and Chinese meals. Their naan is too chewy, though.

Kitchen Tantra– They serve tandoori momos in addition to the usual North Indian fare, and they are pretty good.

Knight Bites– This outlet takes orders from 10pm-4am. Great option for late night hunger pangs, provided that the guards let you collect it. (LOL at our predicament)

Kwality Wall’s Swirls– They deliver sundaes. And cornettos. And smoothies. Yes.

Majeed’s– This outlet reportedly has melt-in-the-mouth kebabs and rolls. They had a stall at Kairos 2014 and left the meat lovers among us swooning and asking for more.

Moti Mahal Express– For more of North Indian goodness.

Mughlai Express– An alternative to Majeed’s.

Noodle Bowl- This is the new kid on the block, and it serves really yummy Oriental fare. They have a huge variety to order from, and they serve pork as well. Their menu isn’t available as of now on Zomato, but that shouldn’t be a reason for you to not order from here.

Pasta Xpress– 5/6 of their menu is pasta (WIN!), some of which you might not even have heard of. They also had a stall in our college at Kairos 2014.

Spaghetti Meat Sauce

Pind Balluchi– For finger-licking North Indian food. Ordering from here might be a bit heavier on your pockets as compared to the other North Indian options on this list.

Punjabi Addiction– Just in case you aren’t addicted to North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese food already.

Rajender Ka Dhaba– They serve mean butter chicken. ‘Nuff said.

Sagar Ratna– National integration seems to be their motto, with great North Indian ad South Indian food available under one roof. Oh, and Chinese too!

Sree South Indian Cafe Hut– For cheap South Indian dhaba style food.

Tandoori Knights- Located right behind our campus, they serve good rolls. Order on 011-65755050.

The Original 5 Burgers – They have yummy burgers, sandwiches, pasta, lasagna (yay!, though it’s too oily and spicy at times), and pizza. The next time you want to order from McDonalds, give this outlet a try.

Wah ji Wah– This food chain is pretty famous in Delhi for bringing soya based dishes to the mainstream. Their tikkas and tawa chaap and rolls are yum!

Yo! China– They deliver in Dwarka, provided that the order amounts to Rs. 800 at the minimum. The delivery takes 1.5 hours.

And the usual Pizza Hut, Domino’s, McDonald’s and Slice of Italy of course.

Yours Sincerely hopes that this list proves to be useful. In case you know of any more yummy food delivery options, add to the Food Guide by commenting below. We’ll be bringing you complete reviews of the places soon.



One thought on “The NLU Delhi Food Guide

  1. p.s.- For noodle bowl, you can search for China Bowl which is at Gurgaon and Satya Niketan. Noodle bowl is their franchise or something and therefore the menu and price is exactly the same. Cheers!


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