I’ll Be Seeing You


‘Seven deadly sins’ was the theme of this year’s farewell for the batch of 2014. Held last Friday, it proved to be a tremendous success, with the graduating batch really getting into the spirit of things with their own dance performance. The show also featured a series of dances by the other batches, each one showcasing a different sin.

The night also saw various speeches by the fifth year batch on their time at NLUD, including speeches from Harshit Bansal, Rahul Seth, Rishi Aneja, Aayush Srivastava and Naman Joshi. Nipun Saxena chose to express his attachment, through singing, and gave us a rendition of an apt song – ‘The Call’. And when the title giving was over, and the performances were done, the entire batch stayed behind in the auditorium to dance together on the stage.

10177476_10202177564502649_8087565050075978184_nThe time flew by until the extended curfew of 10 pm, with photo sessions, guava juice and edible food all around. All too soon, it was time to say goodnight (and continue the celebrations in the hostels), with the heavy knowledge that we were saying goodbye to another batch who has made this college what it is. Goodbye, batch of 2014. You will be missed.

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