NaMo NaMo PM? No!

With great dismay, disappointment and fear jubilance and pride, I must concede celebrate that a mass murdering maniac a glorious, efficient, and competent man has been voted to power, clearly reflecting the pitfalls success of a democratic election culminating in a dystopian future we cannot predict Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar as we all predicted.

Since our Independence, the Indian National Congress had 30 years of dominance oppression before they finally lost power to the Janata Party in 1977. Indira Gandhi came back to power in 1980 with single party majority, followed by their last single party victory in 1984. Today, for the first time in 30 years, since the landslide victory slimy, rigged election victory by Rajiv Gandhi in 1984, a single party has managed to cross the 272 mark on its own, and the Bharatiya Janata Party will establish the ruling government on its own without any allies. And who else could have done it, but the man of the hour, Narendra Modi.

This marks the dawn of a new era. Modi is going to burn this country to ashes reminiscent of a time we have forgotten too soon make our great nation rise from the ashes that Sonia Gandhi & Son + puppet left behind into a shining beacon of foreign investment and Gujarati development like a phoenix born again from the ashes and soaring in the sky. It is going to be a waking nightmare majestic rebirth of our nation, under the façade new model of development and with the help of an unfathomable and intricate control over duly deserved respect from the media, Modi and the BJP shall drive India into a new reign of censorship era of economic growth, communal exclusion employment, re-written history textbooks higher forex reserves, and a fear psychosis that shut us all into silence mandir yaheen banayenge. This return of single party dominance cannot be attributed solely to the absolute and utter failure ABSOLUTE and UTTER failure of the Congress in its second term. It represents a larger, majority belief that Modi is the change that India needs. And that is just terrifying what democracy is about, the majority decides while the minority deludes itself into believing that they have a say.

When a nation as a collective whole decides that a man such as Narendra Modi must be elected to power with a majority unseen in Indian politics since 1984, the result is an ecstatic celebration of a nation that has learnt right from wrong, good from bad, pragmatism from idealism, and delivered to the country the powerful and capable leader it needs a sort of confused fear where your gut tells you that your response should be to run as far and as fast as you can, but you wonder how this is really possible and whether you are the one who is wrong and the nation has voted for what is right. Then you hear the man speak and you cringe at the sound of his words and voice which creeps into you like poison and leaves you paralyzed, scared of what is to come, and hopeful that it leaves your system before it does any permanent damage.

Edit: This Article was temporarily removed due to the fascist police crackdown exercise of reasonable restrictions on anything not in praise of our great leader. See here. It is now being published again with the disclaimer that the opinions of the authors are their own. Although many of us may agree with it, unlike the Author, we are are too scared  respectful of our great leader to accept responsibility for it.

5 thoughts on “NaMo NaMo PM? No!

  1. Its way too early to criticize him. Let us give him a chance. The people of India have chosen him and as students of law, we should respect their mandate!


  2. Its way too early to criticize him. Let us give him a chance. The people of India have chosen him and as students of law, we should respect their mandate!


  3. It is not about “giving him a chance”. It is about his past. He is not arguing that he will kill people now. He is arguing that people like him AND Rajiv Gandhi, do NOT deserve a chance.


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