Road to Lisbon – Vol II – Do you want it enough?


I realize I am being lazy but given that most of my views and especially the way I write comes from this website, I thought I would give them the distinction (self flattery) of being the source of my first syndicated source.

Chelsea did themselves no favours by playing the most bizarre game of football in the first leg away at the Vicente Calderon in Madrid. They were set up to defend and they did that pretty decently. But they offered no goal threat at all. There was no creativity but Chelsea might have been forgiven for setting up to play on the counter given the absence of Hazard. However, the lack of willingness to even counter Atletico was staggering. Still, they carried a good 0-0 result back to West London.

They ended up showing Atletico a little too much respect even after getting the first goal. Football 365’s Daniel Storey does the explaining here

Enjoy and also regularly visit Brilliant website.


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