Basketball League – Week 2 Roundup

Editor’s Note – We are sorry for the gross incompetence of the author and correspondent for the basketball league since the notion of a weekly roundup seems to escape his grasp. We allude that to the bizarrely monstrous block by Parag on Siddharth “Bubba” Sharma where Bubba went up and then went DOWN! While the editor takes vindictive pleasure from that, we urge you to please tell Siddharth “Bubba” Sharma that he is incompetent to the highest level when you see him. Enjoy the Report.


Nothing But Net vs. Suttadhari Ravans

The first game of week 2 was a first for the basketball league – we went to overtime! In a match with more ups and downs than a roller coaster (pardon the cliché) both teams battled each other relentlessly for 35 minutes before the Suttadhari Ravan’s emerged victorious 36-34.

Early in the match it seemed that NBN would coast to a relatively easy victory. Aakarsh was again in his element and Sanjeev provided a steady dose of defence and ball distribution. NBN also managed to shut down Sagar, who had shown late game heroics in the first game. However, with Wangdi and Sujit working relentlessly on the boards, the Ravans slowly fought back and the teams were even again entering the 4th quarter.

Another back and forth battle in the fourth quarter saw the teams tied up at 32 apiece as the game went into overtime to decide the winner. In the OT, the Ravans were in their element. They got an early lead and defended as if their lives depended on it. NBN had a few decent breaks but it seemed someone had put a lid over their basket as they failed to score in a most remarkable manner. This scoreless drought saw Aakarsh miss 3 open layups that would have sealed the game for NBN. The climax of the game proved to be a mixture of excitement and bad decision making. Down 36-34, NBN took a time out to advance theball. However, Sanjeev took an ill advised long 3 which was nowhere near the basket with 2 seconds remaining to hand the Ravans their first victory as NBN plummeted to a 0-2 record.

SR – 36 (Wangdi 18, Sujit 9)

NBN – 34 (Aakarsh 17, Hardik 7)


Dunking Donuts vs. Barcemona

The week’s second game saw DD and BM squaring off. Barcemona seemed determined to take this one, coming off a close loss to The Rebounders the previous week. However, DD was in no mood to relent as it sought its second successive victory.

The Donuts opened the match strong, taking an early lead. Barcemona seemed to struggle mightily for its rhythm. They had some early foul trouble with Abhinav and Abhishek which slowed down the intensity visibly on the defensive end. On the offensive end, they were plagued by turnovers due to bad passing, more so by 3 second violations committed by their frontcourt players.

However, DD slowed down a little towards the end of the 2nd quarter, allowing Barcemona to catch up a little. However, the 3rd quarter saw them re-establish their lead in an emphatic manner. Barcemona again struggled offensively as other than Adi P no one really got goiung. Sumon tried to pace his team as well but was wildly inconsistent on his shot attempts. For DD, Maanas was again their lead scoring option with Arshu playing a limited role due to foul trouble which eventually saw him foul out in the 4th quarter. However, DD were in a good enough position to impede Barcemona’s onslaught, which was slowed down after they had Abhinav foul out of the game. In the end, DD coasted to an easy 41-32 victory to take their record to 2-0 while Barcemona slipped to 0-2.

DD – 41 (Maanas 26, Arshu 9)

BM – 32 (Adi P 15, Sumon 8)


Keh ke Lenge vs. The Rebounders

Here’s why it’s so problematic praising Sattu too much after one performance. You never know what he might do next. We thought his 39 point outing in the first game was amazing. Guess what? He torched The Rebounders to the tune of 42 points in his second game as Keh Ke Lenge steamrollered The Rebounders by a margin of 22 points.

It was assumed by many that playing against Parag might be difficult for Sattu. Not only is Parag good defensively, he is also a monster offensively, seemingly able to score at will. However, early in the match Keh Ke Lenge caught a lucky break as Parag pulled his calf muscle. His discomfort and reduced ability was plainly visible as he was not tearing up and down the court in his usual manner. The biggest proof perhaps, that he was not totally fit was the fact that he got blocked by… Somil!

On the other team, Sattu was giving a lesson in scoring to The Rebounders as he scored from all areas on the court. With no one to effectively check him from monopolizing the scoring, the match was never even a close contest. In the end, Keh Ke Lenge took it easily 49-27. This win took KKL to 2-0 while The Rebounders split their first two games 1-1.

After the match, in homage to their popular manager Chinmay, Keh Ke Lenge officially changed their name to Chin Chin Chu. Manager Chinmay Kanojia, usually always enthusiastic to talk about the league and his team, has not made a comment on this development.

KKL – 49 (Sattu 42, Purushottam 4)

TR – 27 (Anurag 15, Parag 10)


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