A Glimpse of Censorship to Come under the Modi Regime

I’m not going to be neutral in my opinion about Modi coming to power. It’s scary. We had previously published a post about the distinction of fact from fiction in all the stories about Modi that do the rounds. It would appear we were lucky enough for it not to have been spotted by Modi supporters and lobbyists (or unlucky enough that the post did not do rounds outside our very limited circle), for if the word reached the right (wrong) ears, we may have been subject to the sort of censorship that DNA faced. On April 29, Shehzad Poonwalla published an article on DNA which ‘busted nine myths’ about Gujarat ‘perpetrated by Narendra Modi’s PR machinery.’ The article contained references to established facts accepted by the Court in it’s judgments, in reports submitted to them, or in recorded interviews which disproved nine myths that had been created about Gujarat. The article immediately became viral on the internet. It was removed before 24 hours passed and the author said that it had been removed by Narendra Modi’s public relations machinery. Read more about the removal of the post from DNA and the responses to it here . We are also glad to mention that we have found a cached link of the original article, which can be read and accessed here . Modi’s interview with Doordarshan has also faced allegations regarding censorship of content, especially a statement claiming that he was ‘good friends with Ahmed Patel’, senior Congress leader. The full report by FirstPost can be accessed here. I’m going to say it again – this man, and the measures he will take to maintain his facade is scary, and we should all be worried.


One thought on “A Glimpse of Censorship to Come under the Modi Regime

  1. Name of Narendra Modi does not figure even once in any of the ‘state documents(myth no. 1,2 and 3)’ that were referred to in the myth buster article. With this comment I don’t intend to make claims proving or disproving his involvement in the riots or whether or not he is competent to become Prime Minister of India.
    I want to say that a criticism of bad quality of an idea(in this case idea of efficiency of Modi) creates conducive atmosphere for the growth of acceptance of that idea because such a criticism fails to weaken the foundations of claims of legitimacy of that idea, let alone demolishing the idea. Malnourished criticisms like this one coupled with other factors have led to the growth of Narendra Modi.
    I am not a Modi Supporter and I find this idea repugnant that if don’t hate him, I support him.


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