Why the educated Indian is voting for a villain

-Rohan Mukherjee

Now that the elections have begun – and we have a good idea as to who’s reigning supreme, let me tell you exactly why this is happening. This is not because we desperately want to see a particular party in power, but because of what our competitive exams and MCQs have taught us – when not sure of the right answer, go with the rule of elimination. So here we are, with a question in front of us – and with four options – A, B, C and D. We are not sure of what the right answer is, but we can’t leave this question unanswered because this will sweetly deduct a score from the total. This is where the weeks of training come in and we proceed with eliminating the one option that we are sure to be incorrect, say we go with D. We are left with A, B and C now – we scratch our chin, and bid farewell to A. All we are left with is B and C. BC – something that the system has made of us for now.  We proceed, darken B on the OMR sheet – with a “Meh, how bad could it go?” state of mind.

Here’s the deal. To sum it up in a few sentences, and without mincing my words – we have a Kejriwal who’s busy with his Gandhi-giri, we have a Gandhi who’s a moron and a Modi who’s been accused of causing communal riots in a state a decade or so back. And that’s all we are aware of – out of the 1000 + registered political parties today, the few options we have filtered down to are so awesome that we are left with licking our wounds and shrugging.

There have been record voter turn-outs in the first four phases.

There have been record voter turn-outs in the first four phases.

So why is he winning? Let’s do a clean slate analysis here – putting the party portfolios and agendas behind us. We are not happy with the current government – not by a long shot. The average voter is fed up with second chances given to them – so now we take a look at the man in the cap and the bearded one. The man in the cap lacks experience in a situation where we are screaming for development and better governance and the bearded man promises us all that. Sure, we can be idealistic and go for None of The Above – gladly press the NOTA button and be satisfied of having made a point. A point that doesn’t result to anything. A point that only results in the same people participating even in a Utopian situation where NOTA percentages are sky high. A point that only results into the waste of more state funds, more tax money, your time and everyone’s time. The same people you wanted to fly the birdie at end back up on the thrones.

This is what we face today. No one is rejoicing after casting a vote for this guy – it’s a compulsion, where we are left with no other option. As a nation, we want a few things today – we want the Rupee to go up, we want the prices to fall down; we want a leader with a voice box, and a scam-less governance; We want to be care-free in public places at late hours and to stop recounting the number of States we have every few years. Tiny requests. And with this filter when we narrow down our search, we arrive at one conclusion today  – not because we are dead sure of him meeting these expectations – but because walking the plank on a pirate ship. We could try not jump into the deep, but then we’ll just be slashed by the eye-patched guy standing on guard. We are young, and aware, and some of us do want to see a change – but when a rapist asks his victim where he/she would like it – one doesn’t really make a consensual choice there.

So understand this, accept it. And go ahead and cast your vote. The only solace you have is that there is always an opposition to any ruling government; and that in an ideal scenario perhaps democracy manages to curb absolute power. Try that. Democracy being a constant experiment, let your vote be nothing but the same – an experiment.

( The Author is the CEO & Founder of the student start-up Grayscale Legal Inc.)




2 thoughts on “Why the educated Indian is voting for a villain

  1. 1. Some people actually believe that Gujarat Model of Governance is efficient. (To Non-Gujrati Indians, it may be projected, but not Gujjus)
    2. Some people actually believe that Modi did not give a free hand to state authorities in 2002 Godhra Riots (Yeah Riots, not genocide)
    3. Some people actually believe that Modi will work for 125 crore Indians and he can provide good governance to this country.

    I rejoice giving my vote and support to Modi. I have not considered the worse part of other two, or thousand others to vote for Modi. When I speak “Some” is not minuscule minority, but a major chunk of voters.


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