NLU Delhi Football League: Gameweek III Review

Hello again. Sorry for the delay. (Jobs and all, you know.) Wee 3 proved to be the goal-iest week so far providing us with 20 goals scored across four matches, while red cards and fights seem to have become the order of the day.


This was always going to be a competitive contest as the team with the best attacking record went up against the team with the best defensive record. With 8 goals scored so far, TBC were cruising at the top of the table; and with no goals conceded, TNM were closely following them in second. TNM started the first half strongly, with their (?)Rs. 23M man, Vaibhav Tiwari enjoying a lot of time and space on the ball, and building their attacks from midfield. It wasn’t long before he scored their first goal. TNM’s dominance was evident as Yash Kumar was spoon fed a plethora of chances, but poor finishing and good goalkeeping from Abhinav Lilothia ensured the score stayed at 1-0 going into half-time. The second half was the exact opposite of the first, as TBC constantly threatened Sujit Nirman in TNM’s goal. They were rewarded with their persistent pressure as the league’s lead scorer Mohit Chawdhry finally ended the perfect defensive record of TNM to equalise for TBC. The match ended at 1-1, with Vaibhav being awarded the Man of the Match.


With Joshiley’s star player and captain, 37M man Raghav Shukul injured, this match was expected to be an extremely one-sided affair. Bets were being made as to how many goals would be scored, and whether TBC’s record of 7 goals would be beaten. However, the managerial genius of Utkarsh Joshi showed throughout the first half, as their team defended strongly and resolutely to deny any space to Arshu John or Vivek Singh. Rahul Kawat and Umakant Tripathi held a tight defensive line, while Mona Nooreyezdan threw herself for a tackle every time any FPRP attack seemed eminent. The second half however was a completely different story as FPRP quickly went two goals up. The first was scored through a top-corner shot from Areen De, while Arshu was the man in the right place at the right time, tapping in a saved Vivek shot to make it 2-0. Meanwhile, Deepak Ingle received a second yellow, which gave Joshiley their second red card in as many matches. (They really need to sort out their discipline!) The match ended 3-1 after Rahul and Vivek scored a goal each for their respective teams, while Areen was awarded the Man of the Match for his contribution in FPRP’s win.


With Kshitiz Arya and Loma Taba missing in action, and Akshay Shreedhar sold, TAA were never expected to win this match; but what was expected, was for them to end the match with some pride intact. However, their game was so poorly organised that even a below par (which is just to say that they can play better. Does that satisfy you, haters?! I’m looking at you, Aneesh.) Trident ripped them apart. Ishan Patnaik and Ankit Sinha created a number of chances for Ankit Bhasin, Aroon Menon, and Nishkarsh Jakhar to tap in, but very shoddy and poor finishing from them kept the score intact. The first decent chance saw Ankit Sinha take a shot at goal which easily beat TAA’s goalkeeper, and would have made a fantastic goal had it not been for the defensive heroics of their other Ankit, who slid in to make a fantastic last ditch off-the-line clearance.

So what if Barca lose to Atletico?! We still gots it!

It is best that I do not describe TAA’s game lest I be sued for defamation, which became worse when the referee sent off Harish Choudhary for a second bookable offence. Even though Kshitiz made a late entry, and provided some promising attacks, it wasn’t enough to stop Trident from routing them 9-0 with Bhasin and Nishkarsh both scoring hat-tricks, Aroon getting a brace, and Ankit Sinha another. Nishkarsh was awarded the Man of the Match for contributing to more than half of his team’s goals through three goals scored and two assisted, even though our Mr. Jakhar’s finishing looked akin to an extra from a badly directed B-Grade Shaolin Soccer movie.

My Dream is to fly; Over the rainbow so high!

My Dream is to fly; Over the rainbow so high!


When Manager Aadya Chawla asked for suggestions for naming the team, one of the names that was quite a hit among the players was “No Pass Five”. The name was more of a testament to Aakarsh Nashier than the rest of his team, but unfortunately for us (!)neutrals, the name was changed to its current foul name. However, if there ever was a time for Aakarsh to prove his critics (me) wrong, then this was it. He made passes (no prizes for guessing to whom!), ran up and down the field, and most importantly dribbled the ball AND scored. His annoying habit of dribbling pulled all the opposing defenders towards him, leaving his team members unmarked. Pin-point passes led to Kartik Ashta and Kushaan Dosajh scoring two goals off Aakarsh’s exquisite passing.

Penalties – There are some things money can’t buy_ for everything else, there’s Trilegal

Goalkeeper Anurag Goswami was sent off after a second yellow for a foul on Aditya AK early in the game, and Ashta replaced Anurag in goal. Somil Kumar had a chance to engrave his name in the footballing history of NLU Delhi as he stepped up to take the Football League’s first ever penalty; however, it was not to be, as Ashta saw Somil’s shot go wide. Being reduced to four players was a blessing in disguise for Aakarsh’s Angel/s, as he was given the extra space for experimenting with his own form of ballroom dancing, leading to two excellent goals scored by our leading man (including a unique (!)unseen goal). AK pulled a goal back for TNJ, which proved to be a mere consolation just like the week before. Final score 4-1 in favour of KFC, with Aakarsh unanimously adjudged Man of the Match.


Abhinav Lilothia is back in goal after his absence last week after his absence last week, Areen De is the sole defender, who is supported by Vaibhav Tiwari playing as a holding midfielder. Ankit Sinha and Aakarsh Nashier share attacking responsibilities with the former playing as an attacking midfielder, and the latter doing what he does best (I’ll let your imagination do the rest here). The team is supported by Mona Nooreyezdan, Kushaan Dosajh, and Kartik Ashta on the bench. Player of the Week goes to Aakarsh for his all-round attacking performance, which included the Goal of the Week – a lovely no-look back-flick after a lovelier solo run from the corner; it’s a shame our cameraman wasn’t there to capture the moment.

 This is how the league table looks after three rounds of matches:

 1. Brew Crew 3 2 1 0 9 3 +6 7
 2. FPRP 3 2 0 1 7 3 +4 6
 3. KFC 3 2 0 1 7 3 +4 6
 4. Narendra Meena 3 1 2 0 2 1 +1 5
 5. Trident 2 1 0 1 9 1 +8 3
 6. Kittu Ke Kaminey 2 1 0 1 3 4 -1 3
 7. Joshiley 3 0 2 1 2 4 -2 2
 8. Naman Joshi 3 0 1 2 4 12 -8 1
 9. Akshay Aggarwal 2 0 0 2 0 12 -12 0

See you again next week!

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