NLUD Basketball League: Week 1 Round Up


All 6 teams were in action as on Thursday as the basketball league kicked off. Here’s a quick roundup of the games.


Nothing But Net v. Keh Ke Lenge (30-39)


Sattu: Ball in control, eyes on the man, 39 points.

There was Wilt Chamberlain and his 100 points. Then there was Kobe Bryant and his 81 points. In NLUD, there was Sattu with his 39 points. What makes this special is that the entire team scored 39 points. Yes, Sattu netted all the points for his team.

But let’s not take all credit from Nothing But Net (NBN). They opened the game strong buoyed by same stellar play by Aakarsh. His tandem with Sanjeev was devastating both on offense and defence. They even managed to keep Sattu quiet as he opened with 0 of 8 shooting. But disaster struck in the 2nd quarter as Sanjeev injured his ankle. NBN seemed to just fall apart after that. Keh Ke Lenge (KKL) was quick to capitalize on this advantage. On the back of some transcendent play by Sattu, who was ably supported by some superb rebounding and outlet passing by Purushottam, KKL drew level and then raced to an 11 point advantage. Sanjeev did return towards the end of the game but the injury had visibly slowed him down and even he couldn’t stop the Sattu juggernaut leading to a comfortable 39-30 victory for KKL.

Manager Chinmay Kanojia of KKL couldn’t stop waxing eloquent over Sattu and his own foresight in managerial skills. We’ll reserve judgement till KKL plays all its matches.

KKL – 39 (Sattu – 39)

NBN – 30 (Aakarsh – 22, Hardik – 4)


Dunking Donuts v. Suttadhari Ravans (43-38)


“High Fiv – Wait, you’re not in my team.”

The second match of the day saw a more even spread of scoring as compared to the first match. The Dunking Donuts, led by Maanas, began with a quick flurry of attacks. They did take an early lead but couldn’t really hold on to it as the Suttadhari Ravans were persistent in their comeback. The Ravans received a scare early in the first quarter when Wangdi rolled his ankle but fortunately he was able to continue playing. Till half time the match was even keel with both sides keeping pace. The Donuts however came out strong in the third quarter and had built up a sizable lead by the end of it. Midway through the fourth quarter, they lost Bubba to injury as he collided with Deepak Ingle and sprained his ankle. Just as it seemed that the Donuts would win comfortably, the Ravans launched a counter attack led by Sagar BM. He was lights out from the field, converting almost everything he shot. They cut the lead down to 5 points but the Donuts held on to finally take victory.

DD – 43 (Maanas – 19, Arshu -16)

SR – 38 (Wangdi – 16, Sagar – 12)


Barcemona v. The Rebounders (41 – 48)


“Sweet Liliputians, the ball is up here.”

As we had predicted in team reviews, it was indeed all about rebounds and (duh!) Parag. He rode roughshod over Barcemona’s frontline as he poured in 32 points to lead his team to victory. The tone of the match was set early on as Parag and Rahul Kawat immediately established their supremacy on the boards, propelling the Rebounders to a lead. But as Barcemona found their groove, they started chipping away at the lead and pulled back to even the game. Following some usual wizardry from Adi P and strong inside play by Abhinav, Barcemona took the lead for some time. Till the end of the third quarter, the lead kept changing hands. But The Rebounders opened fourth quarter with the usual show of dominance on the boards and again took a narrow lead. As the clock wound down, Barcemona tried desperately to claw their way back. But some tactical errors and inability to commit quick intentional fouls put the game out of their reach as the Rebounders cruised to victory by a margin of 7 points.

BM – 41 (Adi P – 19, Abhinav – 13)

TR – 48 (Parag – 32, Anurag – 14)

It was an exciting, fast paced start to the Basketball League and the only disappointment was that the University’s definition of ‘fixing’ the board was to turn it upside down. Baby steps, I suppose. See you all next week!

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