Herbert Smith Freehills and Oxford come to NLUD

NLUD hosted the fifth annual Herbert Smith Freehills – Oxford University International Lecture Series from 10 to 14 March. Professor Timothy Endicott, the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Oxford, delivered an engaging series of lectures about common law and public law, in which the central question up for debate was the power of judges in influencing the law. In doing so, he discussed five landmark cases, three from the UK, one from the European Court of Human Rights, and one from the Indian Supreme Court. Herbert Smith Freehills was represented by Chris Parsons, the Chairman of the India Practice. His fascinating lectures focused on negotiation and corporate mergers. His teaching style was very interactive, with plenty of discussions and several mock negotiations.

Timothy Endicott_0Professor Endicott’s lectures ended with a short moot in which the participants argued an imaginary appeal from the Indian Supreme Court case of Centre for Public Interest Litigation and Ors v. Union of India and Ors, aka the 2G spectrum scam case. After this, the students enacted, and then watched a video demonstration of, a mock negotiation on a Share Purchase Agreement.

The lecture series proved to be interesting and informative on both public law and corporate law, two very different fields. While it was exhausting to attend normal classes in the morning and then these lectures until 6:30 PM every day, it was well worth the extra effort, and I would definitely encourage anyone who has a chance to attend them next year to do so.


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