The ‘Just-A-Minute’ event was held in the afternoon on Day 2 of the University’s maiden literary and cultural fest. Even though the event was plagued with a few issues initially, such as a lack of an adequate number of participants, the organizers managed to pull it off successfully. The event had 7 participants (which, according to the JAM master, was a good number). It started off with a description of the rules and then the competition began. It was exciting and deafening; the room was filled with loud ‘table-banging’ and even louder objections.

The JAM master was an ‘eccentric’ fourth year Aakansha Dalal (she was averse to being described as bubbly; which is what she really seemed to be). She made sure that the rules were followed (especially the one that said that the JAM master was GOD) and kept the atmosphere alive and exciting. She even made arrangements to stall the quiz so that the JAM participants who were required to be there wouldn’t lose out!

The round was won by Arjun who is a second year student at the Jindal Global Law School. It was well deserved as he was quick with his

Arjun From JGLS receiving the prize from Aakankasha, Our JAM Master

Arjun From JGLS receiving the prize from Aakankasha, Our JAM Master

objections and smart with his words. The second position was bagged Manjeet Mukal from DAV Centenary College, Faridabad (Final Year student). Other participants were Aditya (JGLS), Natasha (Symbiosis Law School, Noida), Surbhi (Amity, Lucknow), Soumya (NLUD) and Sanchit (NLUD).

The JAM competition was just a glimpse of all the excitement happening in KAIROS 2014!

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