Galli Galli Mein Shor Hai: Street Play at KAIROS 2014

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KAIROS 2014- Event: ‘Galli Galli Mein Shor Hai’

NLU Delhi’s maiden cultural and literary fest, KAIROS 2014, organised the event Galli Galli Mein Shor Hai, a collection of delightful street plays on the 28th of February. The highly energetic performances by the enthusiastic participants was received by heart-warming response from the students, in what turned out to be one of the key attractions of the day.

Such street plays, better known as Nukkad Natak, are perhaps the best way to connect with the common man and the youth. Generally involving some kind of social message, these plays stir up the emotions to bring a positive change in society. The street plays at KAIROS 2014  were of a similar nature. The themes ranged from prostitution to the Freedom of Speech and Expression, from the Juvenile Justice Act to Autism. The plays were of an exquisitely beautiful nature, both technically and thematically.

The team from Maitreyi College

The team from Maitreyi College

The eventual winners of the event were the team from Miranda House, called Anukriti, who performed the play titled Gumrah, advocating the strengthening of the Juvenile Justice Act. A plea was made to the audience to understand the problem of juvenile violence, and to find out its root cause. The play very poignantly wished for a world where the innocence of childhood is not lost, and the children can be children again. The team from Maitreyi College also gave a deeply passionate performance titled, Oye Chup!. It dealt with the problem of censorship, and how our freedom of speech and expression is being compromised by the politics in our country. They urged the audience to stand up for their rights, which could only be achieved if we stand up for them today, and not wait for tomorrow.

Other teams performing in the event were from the Maharaja Agrasena Institute of TechnologySymbiosis Noida, the Vivekanda University, and Indraprastha UniversityAll the performances were lauded by both the audiences and the judges.

Hopefully, the overwhelming response to the street-plays is only a sign of bigger and better things to come at KAIROS 2014!


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