Swayin’ at Kairos 2014

(Report by Pragya Mishra)

The western solo dance completion at Kairos 2014 was called Sway. Very rightly so, as it did get the crowd swaying while the participants did a lot more on stage. A total of eight people participated with the major amount of participation coming from Jindal Global, Modi University, UPES and IMS Noida. The event was judged by Sabrina Sawhney of the fourth year and Kavitha Ananth of the fifth year, and was attended by a quite a few people.

It began with a sweet and energetic performance by Jistha of Modi University. The tone of the event was set in the very first performance itself with the crowd cheering for Jistha as if she were representing all our colleges. The next performance by Gopika was one of the best contemporary numbers that has ever been put up on that stage. She had a story to tell and she told it very well. In a huge contrast to Gopika’s performance was Lilesh’s performance. Lilesh who usually does ballet and salsa, did a fusion this time. His was a performance that has rarely been done before and may not come into vogue for some time. He strutted, he twerked and he shook his ass better than Shammi. In fact for those who missed it, think Beyonce in Single Ladies, but to the music Magic Mike would dance to. However, that being said he did what people believe that boys can’t do or wouldn’t do, but he himself believed that with the right confidence anyone can do. It’s a formula that worked for him since he got a standing ovation from the crowd.

The next performance was by Dipankar from Jindal. He danced to foot-tapping songs and had the audience swaying with him. Aparajita from UPES was next in line. She walked onto the stage with a leather jacket in Hand but had to leave it behind when she ran into the crowd. When some of the faculty left during Lilesh’s performance, she made sure they never returned. She wanted to do a fusion of sensuality and Hip Hop and that is exactly what she did. She later mentioned missing some steps but hastened to add, “I didn’t care (for missing the steps) because I was too busy shaking my ass.” Right after her was Pragati from Modi University who while not doing quite the same, looked like she was having all the fun in the world onstage. As much fun she had dancing, the audience too had their fare share of fun, watching and listening to the amazing soundtrack that she’d picked for the performance. Adorable is the first word that comes to mind, when it comes to Naman from Jindal. His nervousness resulted in him grinning from ear to ear and walking all over the place, backstage. He had Anjali from his college supporting him from the sides. In fact, to encourage him she even joined him on stage for a bit. The last performance was given by Vikrant from IMS Noida. He started his performance with magically pulling his cap from the floor just as Harry Potter would shout “Up!” at a broomstick that lay on on the ground, and by the time he was done, the crowd loved him. He did the moonwalk, he did the Robot, it was like the boy had all the right moves up his sleeve. He gave an amazing fusion performance, moving in ways that would make even Katrina Kaif jealous.

The winners of the event were Vikrant, who earned a very well deserved first, and Gopika who came second. All in all, the event was a success with the participants and the audience having a good time and cheering either for their own college or for any college they could think of. To conclude I’d just like to quote the judge of the competition — WOW!


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