Strife at Kairos!

I am happy to announce, as a proud member of the NLU Delhi family (right?) that we are, as of the 28th of February, a very happening campus. Not because we are winning some godforsaken moot, but this time because we are having an honest-to-goodness Cultural Fest on campus! Kairos 2014 is the result of the hard work and effort put in by various people in our college, and not to be left behind, yours truly is making her presence felt by writing about the Parliamentary Debate that was held today.

To start off, it was a two-on-two format, with a Question and Answer session between the teams, and in the Pro-Am format, where one member would be an amateur (three or less tournaments). We had about 14 teams, coming from all walks of life, and adjudicators both from our own hallowed halls as well as many participating teams.

The motions we debated in our preliminary rounds were on the themes of ‘Death and its Friends’ and Governance, both of which led to many interesting and entertaining speeches through the day. There were two preliminary rounds, followed by a semi-final and then the finals.
The teams that qualified to the semi-final were from Jindal Global Law School, teams A and B, St Stephens College, and the Hansraj Cross, of which St. Stephens and Hansraj proceeded to the Finals. With a nail-biting (haha, no!) final round, we came to our eventual winners – St. Stephens.
It’s only the end of the first day of the fest, but it looks to me like it’s off to a great start!


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