BloodConnect: Blood Donation Camp

Kairos 2014 ran a blood donation camp on Day 1 (28 February, 2014) from 9:30 to 4:30 outside the NLU Delhi Auditorium. The camp was organized in association with BloodConnect and the blood bank from RML Hospital. Though it got off to a bit of a late start, more than 70 people turned up throughout the day to donate blood and give back to society.

Nachiketa, one of the fifteen volunteers from BloodConnect who had come to help with the event and himself a fifth year law student from Amity Law School, seemed to be generally happy with the state of affairs. When asked whether he’d like to say something about the event for the college newspaper, he laughed and said, “we guys rock, you know that…I’m only joking”. One of the other BloodConnect volunteers though expressed his displeasure about the fact that “most of them were drunk last night, which is a negative point.”

Nachiketa was kind enough to fill me in on the details of BloodConnect: an initiative started by a student of IIT Delhi back in 2010. Its aim is to reduce blood shortage in India. In a short span of four years, BloodConnect has managed to organize more than 100 camps, has received and fulfilled more than 1000 helpline requests, saved more than 21000 lives and reached out to more than 2 lac people. They are currently based in Delhi, but their objective is to go national and they are already working on expanding to 6 other North Indian cities. They can be contacted by anyone who needs blood at any time. You can find out more about them here.

As for the event itself, BloodConnect praised Harshit Bansal (the internal organizer from NLU Delhi), saying he’d done an amazing job and they felt like they had full support from the fest organizers. The RML blood bank was also more than satisfied. Though the turnout during the first half of the day had not been all that great, many more people including a whole team from another college donated blood in the afternoon. Although two people fainted, both recovered within seconds and one of them was even ready to donate again!

This is BloodConnect’s second visit to NLU Delhi. Looking at the response during the fest, there is no doubt that they will come again. We look forward to having them here.


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