Welcome to Kairos, 2014

Inauguration Ceremony (from left: Prof. SKD Rao, Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh, Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Ms. Jalabala Vaidya, Mr. AVT Shankardas)

Inauguration Ceremony (from left: Prof. SKD Rao, Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh, Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Ms. Jalabala Vaidya, Mr. AVT Shankardas)

The inaugural function of the highly anticipated college fest-Kairos, took place last evening. The fest is the biggest cultural event in the university’s history and last evening marked a culmination of the impressive effort that has been put in by the organising committee. Mr. Ram Jethmalani, Mr. Gopal Sharman, Mrs. Jalbala Vaidya and Mr. A.V.T Shankardass graced the function. The event was preceded by the now traditional rush of the organising committee to the fill the auditorium. The happenings of the event were however, a mix of the usual and the unusual.





The Godfather

The Godfather

“We are simple people who want the best.”

The aforementioned line took the cake in terms of expected and usual events. Starting at this point, the Vice-Chancellor went on to praise the current batch for successfully organising the fest and spoke in glowing terms about our performance in moot court competitions, especially Jessup (surprise, surprise). He concluded his speech by speaking about the importance of cultural events and the importance of the current generation in cleaning up the rotten system.

The Real Godfather

The Real Godfather

“I am 90 years old, but I still do things I did at 19.”

The decibel levels in the auditorium rose even further when Mr. Ram Jethmalani rose to give the inaugural address. The celebrated senior counsel had students hanging on to every word as he used humour and wisdom in adequate doses. He spoke passionately about the importance of recognising the practice of law as profession and differentiating it from a business. He elaborated on his stand by recounting for the audience, the story of Daniel from the Bible. He insisted that the need for appreciating this distinction was greater than ever as the legal profession had reached its lowest watermark. He concluded by thanking the audience for making him feel younger in their company. To no one’s surprise, he walked back to a standing ovation.

“Full Circle”

After Mr. Jethmalani, Mr. Gopal Sharman and Mrs. Jalbala Vaidyan addressed the students. Mr. Sharman and Mrs. Vaidyan are the founders of the Akshara society which is a not-for- profit organisation engaged in the promoting the classical arts through theatre and music. Mr. Sharman recounted the growth of the organisation and the patron which it found in Dr. Radhakrishnan. The couple then recited a poem from their acclaimed work “full circle”.

“If you don’t like girl children, get rid of the men that create them.”

Mrs. Jalbala then spoke to the audience about her desire to create a women’s manifesto which insists upon spreading awareness about the fact that the man decides the gender of the child. She also spoke about her desire for a common civil code which does not segregate people’s rights on the basis of religions and practices.

“Entertainment as man’s fourth necessity”

Mr. A.V.T. Shankardass, the last speaker for the day, spoke about the importance of entertainment in a society and the perils of living in a structure that refuses to regulate the industry. He remarked that while there has been a great degree of regularization and professionalization in Hollywood; the same is not true for India. He concluded by opining that the industry could not be one where the powerful and wealthy served their purpose; it is important to ensure that the “little guy” is protected and taken care of.

All eyes are now set on the weekend that lies ahead. If the restlessness in the auditorium is any proof of the excitement levels among the students, this weekend shall prove to be a successful debut for the organising committee of this path-breaking fest.

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