All About Hoops: NLU Delhi Basketball League Auction

– With analytical inputs by Akshay Vaddagiri

The NLU Delhi basketball league kicked off here today with the auction of the players in the cafeteria. The league, a brainchild of Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj urf Sattu and Siddharth ‘Bubba’ Sharma from 2nd year (with lots of valuable inputs from the sports committee), is expected to start by mid-March.


The auction saw widespread participation from students, both in the capacity of players and managers, with 9 people managing 6 teams and 46 players participating.

The auction was held as a single tier non restricted auction. Each team had a salary cap of 100 million in which they had to buy 7 players. The base price for every player was 1 million with no tiers to classify players. The players were auctioned in random order by the auctioneer Siddharth Sharma.

Sujit Nirman was the first player to be sold when Rayan Azmi bought him for 10 Million. The second bid saw an intense bid for Arshu John’s services with Vandana Venkatesh and Balwinder Sangwan securing him for 28 million which was the 6th highest bid of the day. The highest bid of the day came for 2nd year Shrutanjaya Bhardwaj who was bought for a whopping 56.5 Million by Chinmay Kanojia. Other notable rainmakers include Aditya Prakash (52.5 Million, bought by Ankit Sinha and Mona Nooreyezdan), Maanas Vibhu (50 Million, bought by Vandana and Ballu), Wangdi Bhutia (45 Million by Rayan) and Parag Chahal (33 million by Alok Gokhale and Siddharth Gupta).


Amongst the girls, Archana Negi attracted the highest bid of 15.5 million from Alok and Siddharth while Tia Majumdar went to Rayan’s team for 6 million. Under the rules of the league, each team was to compulsorily have a girl member who could not be a free transfer. Regulations on the playing time for girls have not been specified yet and will be informed at a later date along with the rules of the tournament. The trade deadline is two weeks after the start of the matches.

Though the auction proceeded without much hassle, certain sources indicate that that post-auction deliberations may not have been as smooth. Rumours of a serious drift between Team Manager Chinmay Kanojia and lucky draw player Rahul Chaudhary that played out at the post-auction dinner, with Mr. Chaudhary expressing dissatisfaction that he was procured by his ex-best friend and now long time tormentor, cast doubt on the morale of at least one of the teams. It cannot be ruled out that other team managers and players may privately be expressing similar feelings.

Moreover, the price at which some of the players went under the hammer casts serious doubts over sanity and general well-being. Though Sujit Nirman’s price seems a clear case of Delhi-style face-saving, the huge difference between Shreedhar’s ask and Maitreyi’s can only be explained by a fetish for tall guys from the hills. Other feather-rufflling, money-wasting, and not-thinking instances can be gleaned by a clear vision and some bitterness about life.

As of yet none of the team names have been confirmed. The managers are expected to come up with names within the week. Knowing the immense creative talents present in our campus we have no doubt that we shall see a bevy of interesting team names. Stay tuned to this page for further updates on the NLUD Basketball League.


4 thoughts on “All About Hoops: NLU Delhi Basketball League Auction

    • Sanjeev Kumar football auction price + basketball auction price < 52.5 mn.

      Remember, the color green doesn't just signify a losing Boston Celtics team.


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