Sue Your College?

A group of law students across the country have come together to form a special unit aimed at tackling mismanagement of their colleges via litigation. The initiative called GrayCheck is part of the brilliant student start-up Grayscale.  The unit has an arrangement with two lawyers from Bangalore, who’ll file the cases keeping the student’s identity anonymous.  You can read about them here.

However, I’m wondering if approaching the courts as  first resort is ideal? If this really is the most  effective method in a Law school, where we are supposed to be producing  tomorrow’s Social engineers, We have reached a sad place indeed. One would expect that at least Law schools would encourage active dialogue and transparent administration. It is  a cause for deep concern if they refuse to deal with their students in a civil and respectful manner. That a law student should wear the veil of anonymity to assert her own rights ought to disturb everyone of us.

GrayCheck seems like a great initiative from the much admired GrayScale team. Glasnost will bring you more on this soon.


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