Positivity Possible?

All of us have our views about who should be the next Prime Minister of India. We all have our respective political affiliations. We all have an opinion on what India needs. We all love to hate everybody but our guy. So when Arshu asked me to maybe write a piece on the positives of the possible prime ministerial candidates, I was a little hesitant because it is very hard to keep one’s political beliefs aside and think of the good in the opposite party. But it seemed like an interesting piece to write so I am going to give it a shot.[1]

Cleanliness is Godliness?

It is very common to meet an AAP supporter who will tell you that Arvind Kejriwal should be and will be the next Prime Minister of India. If that were to happen we’d certainly have a relative outsider. Kejriwal’s brand of politics draws from left-wing style of protests and right-wing style vitriol. He promises a clean administration that is centered around anti-corruption. Considering his whole platform is anti-corruption, if he were to become Prime Minister, one could safely assume that there would be a major rejig of the civilian administration and swift strikes at boroughs of corruption. In the 49 days that he was the Chief Minister of Delhi a couple of things became apparent about Mr. Kejriwal. He is quick to react – can be a double-edged sword. He is emotional and not calculative – again one of those things that can work both ways.

Rahul Gandhi – An Outsider from Within?

Rahul Gandhi’s career in politics has been a roller coaster of sorts. While he enjoys continued popularity in Amethi, the rest of the country is a different matter. When he joined politics in 2004 he was seen with skepticism. Some of his shining moments have been the Congress bagging 21 seats in Uttar Pradesh in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, increased membership of NSUI and IYC, and being an active proponent for NREGA (now MNREGA). In recent times, however, he has come under fire for his inability to actually effect change. The media and the people have found it hard to reconcile his outsider’s angst with his last name. Few though the chances maybe for Rahul Gandhi becoming the next Prime Minister; if he were to make it, we would have a man who is sincere. Who wants to promote people like Sam Pitroda. Someone who is willing to take criticism and willing to learn from his opponent (AAP). He is willing to take on his own party too.

NaMo – Enough said?

It is a true sign of bravery these days if one tweets Narendra Modi and says something against him. You will be instantly barraged with Modi supporters vehemently defending the BJP’s candidate for Prime Minister in 2014. Narendra Modi’s followers are in a way a reborn breed – either you are with him or you are against him is how they see the world. Last time anyone saw this kind of fervor was in times when Indira Gandhi was at the helm of India. Narendra Modi has a certain image. He is seen as decisive. Quick to take action. A visionary when it comes to growth. His oratorical style has gotten him fans. He speaks with a certain vehemence that probably resonates how India feels and a large portion of the common masses as well as the elite few have placed their bets on him.

Parting Words

I may have missed some major achievement of your favorite leader. It is not out of deliberate calculation but out of regard for brevity as well as the need to ensure that this doesn’t become a puff piece. Elections are interesting times. Even the most apolitical being has an opinion about something that would invariably tie him to some political line of thought and as a consequence a political party. Regardless of who you support – Kejriwal, Gandhi, Modi or some other person who could be Prime Minister come May, 2014 – please go vote.

[1] Disclaimer – I actively support the Indian National Congress.

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