Parliamentary Debate Watch (14th to 16th February 2014)

This weekend saw a bunch of students from National Law University, Delhi participate in two Parliamentary Debates at BITS Pilani and Jiggles (JGLS).

The first of these debates was “Q.E.D.” at BITS Pilani where a cross team comprising Ambar Bhushan, Raunaq Chandrashekar and Eashan Ghosh (formerly NLSIU) beat a cross team of debaters from NLIU Bhopal and Hindu College (DU). A cross team is a team where the debaters are not from the same institution. In the same debate, Divyanshu Bhatt broke all the way to the semi finals as an adjudicator and could not adjudicate the finals since a team containing members of the same institution cannot be adjudicated by someone from the same institution.

The other debate was held at Jiggles, middle of nowhere, where two cross teams comprising debaters from our college participated. The team comprising Akshat Agarwal, Ananth Acharya and Abhishek (from NLS whose surname I do not know) were unable to make it past the prelims despite a strong performance owing a little to some dunderhead adjudication and owing a little to the inexperience of the team. The team comprising Rahul Seth, Somil Kumar and Jagat Sohail (of St. Stephen’s College) lost to a cross team of Vipul Nanda (NLSIU), Kartik Sivaram (ex-RVCE) and Prasoon Bhaiya (ex-RVCE) in the semi finals. They eventually went on to win the tournament.


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