Five Not-So-Popular TV Shows Everyone should be Watching

Between the much applauded series finale of Breaking Bad last year and the exciting return of House of Cards in February, you might have missed out on some of the lesser known, lesser watched gems along the way. Here is a list (in no particular order) of five shows that cannot be missed.


The series stars an aging Matt LeBlanc who plays, well, an aging Matt LeBlanc who’s been cast in the Hollywood remake of a hit British show – Lyman’s Boys. The series is set out from the perspective of the writer couple – Sean and Beverly – who move to LA to write the remake. With undeniable chemistry between the three leads, the show provides a fresh take on the all too familiar story about the ailing career of a once beloved television star.

Starring: Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig

A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A scene from A young Doctor's Notebook

A scene from A Young Doctor’s Notebook

Adapted from the works of Mikhail Bulgakov, this dark comedy stars Jon Hamm as the nostalgic Old Doctor who sits back and reads his journal from when he was a Young Doctor working in an isolated village hospital during the early twentieth century. The Young Doctor, played by Daniel Radcliffe, has been given the enormous responsibility of running the hospital. The newly graduated Young Doctor’s inexperience in matters of the heart and other parts of the human anatomy often leads him to make morally questionable choices. The interaction between Hamm and Radcliffe makes for great television, and is reason enough to watch this fantastic television series.

Starring: Jon Hamm, Daniel Radcliffe


Miranda is about a tall, physically awkward, unmarried thirty-something woman who owns a joke shop. This extremely hilarious sitcom, created by and starring the brilliant Miranda Hart, is a semi autobiographical series that follows Miranda and the people in her life, which includes her dominating mother who would go to any lengths to get her daughter married, the eager best friend who also manages the joke shop, and the love of her life who just happens to work right around the block. This is one of the few shows on TV that will genuinely make you laugh out loud.

Starring: Miranda Hart, Sarah Hadland, Patricia Hodge, Tom Ellis

The Outs

Set in New York City, this seven episode mini web-series follows the lives of Jack and Mitchell, two men in their twenties, as they try to remain a part of each other’s lives, while attempting to move on following a bitter break up. The series manages to be contemporary, relatable, funny, and strike an emotional chord, all at the same time. Each episode has a haunting quality that leaves you asking for more. The series was entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and has been hailed as one of the best online series of 2012.

Watch The Outs here.

Starring: Adam Goldman, Hunter Canning, Sasha Winters


Plebs is about the exploits of three desperate, young men looking to have some fun while also trying to climb the social ladder. Sounds familiar? Well, imagine this in Ancient Rome, where Marcus and Stylax work at a Scriptorium, and live with Marcus’ lazy slave Grumio. Plotlines that have been done to death actually work in this series exactly because of its unique setting. The writers use familiar themes for their storylines, but they all work – thanks to Gladiators, massive Roman orgies and ancient Roman festivals about the solar system.

Starring:  Joel Fry, Tom Rosenthal, Ryan Sampson


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