Prozac Talks

Trigger Warning: Suicide As a child, I never imagined that depression was a condition I could ever suffer from. Not because I wasn’t miserable enough, no, but because of the romanticized notions I had of depression. Depression, to my childish mind meant mascara stained cheeks and melancholic gazes. It was being the protagonist of a…


Gender and Representations of Sport: The Nationalism Element

Societies all over the world are typified by structures whose endurance may, by and large, depend upon the preservation of notions of masculinity. Upon these notions, femininity is differentiated or ‘othered’. Sport, being a microcosm of this patriarchal society, embodies these perceptions of masculinity and femininity – perceptions which are subsequently fortified by the media’s…


Grappling for Glory

“Eight years ago, Sushil Kumar went from an unknown entity to India’s Olympic hero with a Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic, and became one of, if not, the greatest Indian Olympian after securing a silver in the 66kg Freestyle category, becoming the nation’s only double individual medallist.” Ashta summarises the issues plaguing one of India’s brightest meal hopes at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


The Great Fall of China?

~ By Mallika Iyer When countries face an issue or two they are generally resolved by quick inter mediation however, mass systemic disturbances can cause well-established social, financial and political structures to collapse. Although China hasn’t reached the latter stage yet, the present circumstances must be addressed immediately or the world could face a massive…


Putting the “In” in Inclusion

By Adhiraj Mukerji, Prakhar Soni, and Varun Kapoor Education in India has always held a position of prime importance. Be it a child’s marks being compared to the eternally over-achieving, possibly fictional Sharmaji ka beta or colleges attempting to ensure their cut-offs keep soaring year on year, education has been hotly debated and talked about.…